Rehabilitation is the process of restoring a person’s ability to live as normal as possible after an injury or illness.

The Elms is here to help you meet your goals... to recuperate and rehabilitate to go home or to transition to your “new home” at The Elms.

Rehabilitation starts as soon as you step in the door.  Upon admission the restorative nurse meets with the resident and evaluations are started that stress abilities not disabilities.

Restorative nursing services may include range of motion, bowel and bladder retraining, eating, bathing, grooming, bed mobility, transfer, ambulation and wheelchair management.

A registered physical therapist further evaluates new admissions for rehabilitation where trained rehabilitation aides will provide treatment 3 to 5 times a week including strengthening exercises, balance and coordination exercises, transfer training, and ambulation drills.... all free of charge.

Numerous modalities are available to control pain, improve circulation and improve range of motion.

Pain Control  - includes hot packs, electrical muscle stimulation, and ultrasound.

Movement Therapy - with our exclusive Motomed Bicycle, this therapy is designed for wheelchair users, patients with reduced walking ability and individuals confined to bed.

For our higher functioning residents we provide “The Physiocycle” for upper/lower extremity strengthening.