The Elms Activity Program is under the direction of a full-time Activity Director, 3 full-time Activity Therapists and 2 part-time Activity Therapists.

The Elms has been recognized as one of the premier facilities to offer specialized activity services to the Alzheimer's and  Dementia population.  This program is designed, built, and staffed to serve the needs of these residents.  It is called SPARKLERS as the caring compassionate staff allow those we serve to shine.

The Activity Program is customized to each resident’s abilities to participate.  This includes music therapy, pet therapy, games, holiday celebrations, and family events.

The staff to resident ratio is much greater than most nursing facilities.  The staff is always using individual resident interest  and abilities to develop a meaningful program of activities.







A calendar of events is prepared each month and The Elms Highlights is prepared to keep the residents and their families informed of past, present and future events at The Elms.

Our residents enjoy movies with the use of our projector for big screen viewing, computer opportunities, games and activities on the facility iN2L interactive computer and assistance with Skype which allows loved ones who live at a distance to stay connected, and many outdoor opportunities in our beautiful courtyard.


LifeLoop®  sets our facility apart from others by Enhancing Residents & Family Engagement Through Technology.

LifeLoop® is a full-service solution which allows our facility to consolidate all of our operational platforms into one, easy-to-use system and ensures a flow of communication between residents, family members and staff.   Being "in the loop" means always having the latest information at your fingertips.

Benefits of Program:

  • Calendar Management
    • Calendars for activities can be built on this program and become shareable to staff, residents and family members.
  • Digital Signage:
    • Calendar, weather, time and date can be displayed on TV’s in common areas.
  • Resident Tracking & Reporting:
    • This will allow for seamless attendance taking and lets you track residents’ activities or one to ones. It will also provide reports and identify resident’s needs.
  • Communication:
    • Communication between staff members, family members and residents made easy. Messaging platform means you can communicate 24/7 from any device.
  • Transportation:
    • Appointments/transportation can be scheduled easier by using the lifeLoop® platform. Will make it easier for all staff to be more organized when making appointments and scheduling transportation.
  • Maintenance:
    • The maintenance platform makes it easier to organize and prioritize things that need to be done within our facility.
  • Resident Portal:
    • This will be handy for our new generation of residents who are coming in with cell phones and laptops. Even residents who need assistance using devises within the facility.   They will be able to see activities and plan to attend.  They can easily view calendar/activities, send and receive messages, have access to photo’s sent to them by loved ones.
  • Family Portal:
    • Family members lean on LifeLoop® to keep them up to date on the lives and care of their loved ones no matter where they are. The family portal sparks a genuine connection between family members and staff members and helps foster communication between residents and their families.  Weekly report on activity participation automatically generated and sent.
  • Photo & Video Sharing:
    • Photo and video sharing through the LifeLoop® portals and mobile app ensure that family members have a unique window into the daily lives of their loved ones. Capture and share the moments that make life wonderful, keeping friends and family engaged.

For more detailed information you can go to

or contact Jane Hasley, Director of Activities